Wednesday, 19 May 2010


So, there's this cat that is obviously someones pet as he has a collar, but all the neighbours seem to be caring for and we can't work out where he lives, if indeed he lives anywhere.

I've been back two weeks and he's been here every day. My mum and dad have donated lots of cat food and we've been buying him the best cat food you can buy.

His coat is matted, he's smelly but he's so lovable - desperate for cuddles and affection.

Why people have animals and stop looking after them properly is beyond me.

This cat came to us at 2am one night and slept in my arms, we couldn't go to bed. So I made a bed on the couch and cuddled him until he woke me at 4am as he wanted to leave.
He's slowly getting used to the house, he sleeps but he always leaves, I think he's used to being independent.
I looked under his collar and there was a ring of red skin. I didn't know what to do because if someone took a collar off my cat I'd be annoyed, but then they're can't care that much about him...

So yesterday Anis and I went to the animal sanctuary to ask for some advice. They told me to take his collar off straight away (which I've done) and I've got to take him to the vets as soon as I can to be checked. I don't have a carrier etc, so I'm going to get one on Friday and take him on my day off next week. He's just getting our trust and we don't want to scare him, but I want to make sure he's ok.

His coat is getting a bit shiny now and I bought a cat comb yesterday. We leave food out when we're at work (I've never known a cat to eat as much) and the door open when we're in. He just walks in - he doesn't have much of a miaow, so we've named him Squeak.

I love him and will do my best to look after him.
** If you think this is your cat, please message me - I'd love to know who he belongs to and to chat about his welfare **


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