Monday, 3 May 2010

Mini Break

I'm packing my bags.
I have a whole week booked off from work.
Mr Sally is whisking me off to one of my favourite places - London.
We're going Tuesday - Friday. We'll be catching up with friends and watching plays, musicals, shopping... everything.
Can't wait.

We feel like we've not seen much of each other lately as I've been juggling day job with the play and it's been hard to make time for him too.

So this will be a nice break for us. Another reason for the trip... I turn 30 on Saturday the 8th!
When we come back on Friday, we're travelling to my mum and dad's in Wales for my birthday weekend.
Can't wait.
This is where we're staying:


Cheryl said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday Sally!!!

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