Wednesday, 19 May 2010


You may (or may not) have noticed that I've stopped saying 'Mr Sally' and have started saying his name - Anis!
I guess when I started this blog it was easier to say Mr Sally in case it went wrong and I thought it was sweet to call him that.
And I was right, we did go wrong a couple of years ago and we split up and it was probably the worst part of my life. Thankfully we got back together and since then, life has been wonderfully, lovely.
I know we're not going to split up again and I know we're in it for the long run. So a few weeks ago I made a decision to move back in with him, we've been living in my flat in Salford for over a year and now we're saving for a house to buy together, so of course it makes financial sense to move back and save money and I thought it would be difficult going back, but actually it's been fab. Anis has gone out of his way to make me feel settled and it's nice to have a garden and see green fields instead looking at a matress on the pavement! (Seriously!)

When I lived here before it never felt like my home because Anis was always working and I was far away from my friends and although I did make a little life for myself here, I always felt a bit lonely. But now it's different - we're working around each others rotas more so we get days off together and yesterday we went to our little town, together and even had a coffee in our local coffee shop - little things we never did that mean so much.

The neighbours seem to have missed me and our friends across the road have been over with hugs and are busy planning a night the four of us can go out. And they've just brought me over a lovely bunch of roses for missing my 30th.

I'm feeling settled and dare I say it, happy. It's been a tough couple of years and so it's lovely to finally be moving forwards, going in the right direction, together.


Barrie said...

Wishing you the very very best! And Happy Belated Birthday!

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