Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I knew it would happen. I said on my Facebook and Twitter 'I'm going to the animal sanctuary for some advice on a stray, don't be shocked if I come back with a cat!'

Well we got to Bleakholts Animal Sanctuary, which I have to say is a beautiful animal sanctuary. We got some advice on Squeak, then went for a look around. There were so many cats and it's like they put on a little show when you walk past them. One black cat was rubbing himself all over my hands through the bars and I was almost in tears. Anis was like, 'Sally, no.' I was going, 'I think he loves me though.'

Obviously we've been caring for Squeak lately and we both love cats. My mum and dad have my two cats as I lived near a main road and couldn't let them out. The intention was for me to have them back once I'd moved, but they are so settled and content with my mum and dad I don't think they'd want to leave and I don't think my mum and dad would want to give them up. The mutual love they have for each other is beautiful.

So Anis and I walked round the sanctuary and he wouldn't let me have a goat or a rabbit! I'd have one of everything if I could - then he was like, 'Let's do the responsible thing and speak to them about it.'

So we spoke to the lady at the cat centre and explained we really, really want to adopt a cat but we'd need one that doesn't mind being inside in the day as there's at least one day a week where we're both in work for 12 hours.

She said it was fine and a few of them were house cats and quite content with their own company.

Anis: I'd quite like a male cat.
Me: I don't mind if it's male or female.
Anis: A tabby one would be nice.
Me: I don't care what it looks like.

So he was looking for a butch tabby and I was looking for one that needed a home the most. The black one that loved me had been booked for someone else.
So the lady took us in to one of the cat pens and said - 'We have a gorgeous cat, who isn't as pretty as some, she's female, but she's so friendly.' And she went over to this gorgeous cat and picked her up. She's 8 years old and came in with her sisters, but was bullied by them a bit.
Anis was still looking around for a butch tabby! How could I stand there and say, 'No - she's not for me.'

I fell in love with her straight away (and the cat next to her and the one on the floor)! So it was agreed, we'd adopt her.
Her name is Bubbles. (How theatrical! I love it!)

We have to have a house check and then once we pass that, she gets chipped and has a visit to the vets and then we can bring her home. It could take up to two weeks.

I wish it was quicker but I love how they are thorough and don't let them go to anyone. It gives us time to get her things ready anyway.

And so, in the space of two weeks we'll have two babies to the family.
Bubbles and Squeak (See what we did!)

PS: The animal sanctuary said that it's harder to re-home cats that are black or white as people fall for the cute coloured ones (like Anis wanting a tabby). And if you do want a tabby cat, there's nothing wrong with that as they need nice homes too - it's just a shame the plain coloured cats get over-looked. My cats at my mum and dads are plain black and the most gorgeous cats you could ever meet.
Oh and rabbits need good homes. They are the most neglected animals. People just shove them in a cage that's too small for them neglect them, it's horrible.
Right, I'll get off my soapbox now. Just wanted to tell you about our new babies xx


Cheryl said...

I love the names! Reminds me of Wind in the Willows. I know Bubbles will love her new cat mommy!

Barrie said...

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I love cats. Hope they all will feel comfortable in their new home.

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