Thursday, 4 March 2010


In my job, I chat with customers all day long. Some are regulars, so over the months you kind of develop a little familiarity with them.
So, how strange is this (well it might not be strange, but...) Anyway, one guy comes in every morning, he's about my age and we chat about random things, he works in a bank, I make his coffee without him having to tell me which one he wants.... then he mentions the other day that he's also an actor, then I mentioned I wrote and produced plays... turns out that he's just been in a play that my friend wrote and produced (which I missed).

Then the next day another customer comes in, who I've been chatting to for months, he asks what I did on the weekend, I told him I was ill. He tells me he went to watch a band and did I know the particular theatre he was talking about. I said yes as I'd written several plays for them. 'No way. Are you a writer?'
'I'm writing a play at the moment, for that theatre.'

I cast my play JUMBLE a month or so ago. I've not really gone on about it in work, but I know some of my work friends are actors too. Anyway, the girl I cast text me today about the script and then she put PS: You work with my flat mate.
So all this time I've been chatting bits here and there about my play in work, I've not realised she lives with the girl in it!!!

It's scary how small this industry is. Scary. But I love it.


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