Monday, 8 February 2010

Play a Week!

I've decided this year that I either try and watch a piece of theatre a week or read a play a week.
It's going well so far - I've read a few plays and watched some theatre. (See my side bar for lists if you're interested.)
This week I'm reading a play called 'Shopping and F**king.' I'm reading it because I've heard so much about it and well, it's a bit full on, not really my cup of tea - but I'm almost halfway through and I'll stick with it.

I love theatre.

Went to a fringe theatre debate on Saturday, chaired by people I really admire. I did feel at one point feel that I was sat in a room full of writers moaning. I didn't learn anything from going - but it's always good hearing what everyone else thinks and I wished at the end I'd put my hand up and said that I love the theatre/fringe scene in Manchester. It's supportive and there are so many great things going on in this city. Long may it continue!


Barrie said...

What does "it's a bit full on" mean? Over the top?

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie,
It means, a bit on your face, just a bit much. If that makes any sense!


Janice Okoh said...

I've read that play. It comes under the genre "in your face theatre" theatre written to shock the audience. I think it's so famous as was one of the forerunners of "in your face theatre" in the 90s.

I think there's a memorable scene in it that's quite good. Won't spoil it for you...

I too love theatre soooo much!! So glad someone else does!

Barrie said...

Got it! Thanks, Sally. And Janice. ;)

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