Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Finally finished writing my new play JUMBLE and the cast finally have a full script. I was tweaking the ending for ages and couldn't find an afternoon where I could just sit and make sure I was happy with it for a while.
Anyway, I am happy. I love this play. It's a comedy - but really sad in parts. The few people that have read it have all been really positive with their feedback and the director I wanted to direct it, read half of it last night and confirmed he'd direct it! So excited.

So now begins the usual roller coaster of rehearsals and I can't wait. We open at the end of April and I'm just so excited. The theatre I'm performing it at are deciding from this play whether I can be one of their in-house companies, which I'd give anything to be. So lots of things are riding on this going well.
I've got a completely new cast. I usually use the same actors but decided to freshen things up a bit and work with some new people. Very excited to start rehearsals.

Most writers, when finishing a writing project treat themselves to a pamper day, bubble bath etc- what did I do?
I decided I'd paint my office - all four huge walls and re-decorate. It took me five hours but it's looking nice - OK, a little patchy in areas and there's a bit of paint on the carpet! But still, I no longer have to look at the horrible wallpaper. I even have a chill out area. Mr Sally is going to put up some shelves tomorrow and I'm framing all the posters from my plays I've written and produced and they're going up on the walls!



Nell Dixon said...

Yay! well done Sally!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Nell xx

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

How exciting. And I love the title!

Sally Lawton said...

Aww, thanks. So pleased you like the title too xx

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