Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sneak Peek - My Poster!

I need to get the poster authorised by the lovely theatre, but hopefully this is the final poster for my new play JUMBLE.
We start rehearsals next week and I'm soooooo excited.
We're also filming a behind the scenes doc about the rehearsals and weekly episodes are going to be on our YouTube channel.
Ooh, also the play has it's own brand new website:

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Finally finished writing my new play JUMBLE and the cast finally have a full script. I was tweaking the ending for ages and couldn't find an afternoon where I could just sit and make sure I was happy with it for a while.
Anyway, I am happy. I love this play. It's a comedy - but really sad in parts. The few people that have read it have all been really positive with their feedback and the director I wanted to direct it, read half of it last night and confirmed he'd direct it! So excited.

So now begins the usual roller coaster of rehearsals and I can't wait. We open at the end of April and I'm just so excited. The theatre I'm performing it at are deciding from this play whether I can be one of their in-house companies, which I'd give anything to be. So lots of things are riding on this going well.
I've got a completely new cast. I usually use the same actors but decided to freshen things up a bit and work with some new people. Very excited to start rehearsals.

Most writers, when finishing a writing project treat themselves to a pamper day, bubble bath etc- what did I do?
I decided I'd paint my office - all four huge walls and re-decorate. It took me five hours but it's looking nice - OK, a little patchy in areas and there's a bit of paint on the carpet! But still, I no longer have to look at the horrible wallpaper. I even have a chill out area. Mr Sally is going to put up some shelves tomorrow and I'm framing all the posters from my plays I've written and produced and they're going up on the walls!


Thursday, 18 February 2010

I've always wanted to be a star!

I got a facebook message off an old school friend today - she sent me a picture which she'd found of me.

I'm on the middle line, second from the left.

This was me as a star in my school play.
I remember this show and remember I had a star dance to do. I loved it.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Perfect Valentine

Mr Sally has spent weeks secretly organising for both my jobs to let me have three days off work and he's been busy planning, planning, planning.

Thankfully, both my jobs have been lovely and agreed to organise my days off around his plans.
And here's what he organised and what we did this Valentines weekend.
We caught a train to London on Saturday morning and checked in to our BEAUTIFUL hotel. We showered, changed and headed out in to the west end.

We had no plans for the Saturday night, except to meet my friend Christian - who is busy working on Sister Act the musical, so we had time to kill.
So, we managed to get two amazing tickets to Avenue Q - an amazing musical. We laughed and laughed from start to finish.

We then met Christian and his lovely boyfriend and went to a bar in Soho, we finally crawled in to the hotel at 4am!
Valentines day was the best day EVER. Mr Sally had organised two amazing tickets for Legally Blonde the musical.
The theatre manager met us in the foyer and took us to our own private bar, gave us a bottle of champagne and a programme and looked after us through the afternoon.
The show was AMAZING and Sheridan Smith is FABULOUS as Elle.
After the show, we walked around London and then headed back to the hotel for a Valentines meal.

Yesterday, we shopped on Oxford Street, met Christian again for a coffee and a proper chat, then sadly headed home.
I've had the best three days and I truly love Mr Sally. Bless him, he's brilliant.
I also love London and plan to go a lot more this year.

Outside Avenue Q
In our private bar for Legally Blonde

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tiring Tuesday!

I have just finished a 14 hr day and just sipping a lovely glass of wine.
Today has been a loooong day. I was in my taxi at 6:45am this morning and the taxi driver was telling me he finished work at 1pm. Then he said, 'So when I finish, you won't even be half-way through your day, will you?'
'Hmm, nooooo!'
'That is a long day.'
'Yes, I know.'

Mr Sally is going to reveal what he has planned for the valentines weekend on Thursday - which is good because a, I can't wait to find out and b, I may have outfits I need to plan. Oooh, the excitement.

My playwriting classes start this Friday, which I'm really excited about. When I taught playwriting last year, it was to three people. Well, I just found out that one of them has finished her play and entered it in to a play writing festival. I'm so unbelievably proud of her. She keeps telling me that I changed her life and that since she met me, new lines have appeared on her hand!
Anyway, it's moments like these that make me super happy and inspired. I don't earn a penny from my classes as I put all the money back in to making their plays and master classes possible, every penny goes back to the class, and the reason why is clear - I love teaching and encouraging others. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing without the people who have taken time to support and encourage me, so it's nice to give some of it back.

That's all for today!
Looking forward to a 8am-5pm shift and then an evening with my best pal Paul Swaine. Can't wait to see him and get planning a new play!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Play a Week!

I've decided this year that I either try and watch a piece of theatre a week or read a play a week.
It's going well so far - I've read a few plays and watched some theatre. (See my side bar for lists if you're interested.)
This week I'm reading a play called 'Shopping and F**king.' I'm reading it because I've heard so much about it and well, it's a bit full on, not really my cup of tea - but I'm almost halfway through and I'll stick with it.

I love theatre.

Went to a fringe theatre debate on Saturday, chaired by people I really admire. I did feel at one point feel that I was sat in a room full of writers moaning. I didn't learn anything from going - but it's always good hearing what everyone else thinks and I wished at the end I'd put my hand up and said that I love the theatre/fringe scene in Manchester. It's supportive and there are so many great things going on in this city. Long may it continue!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Catch Up!

Sorry for being a bad blogger.

Trying to fit everything in around my spare time at the moment.

Had the best day off on Thurs -I wrote ALL day, it was perfect.
Went to the theatre with Mr Sally on Friday, we had so much fun and then saw my lovely friend Paul yesterday for coffee, chats, cake and a theatre debate at the Library Theatre.

JUMBLE is almost finished. Any day now!

Mr Sally is planning (and has been since Jan) something special for Valentine's day. Eeek. Have no idea what we're doing, I've been aware it's caused him stress sorting it, loads of people are aware of what we're doing and everyone seems to be talking in code around me and I've mysteriously got the weekend off from work?!
I shall keep you posted.

Oh flippin' heck - I can't just hand him a packet of love heart sweets now, can I?!!!
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