Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What a Snow-Wonderful Day!

OMG! What an unbelievable day.
I was in work for 7am this morning and obviously at 5:30am, I can barely see so I didn't open the curtains. It wasn't until I was drying my hair and looking at Facebook at the same time, that I read about the snow. I peeled the curtains back and couldn't believe it, it looked like I'd woken up in Narnia!
It wasn't until my taxi was late that I realised how bad it was. I was told I was lucky to be getting a taxi as they'd cancelled loads.
Once the driver arrived, I stepped out of my front door and the snow went halfway up my legs!!


I was eating my breakfast in work watching the snowman in the yellow t-shirt being made.
The other pic is where I work and the scene I've watched all day.

I know the snow is dangerous, but it looks gorgeous and EVERYONE has been smiling today.
I've just seen a woman skiing on the pavement - in Salford. Something I'd didn't think I'd ever see in my lifetime!

I made it in to work, but the City was like a ghost town. What few people made it in were in high spirits and I've had a lovely day watching grown men outside my work build snowmen and have huge snowball fights.
I got let out of work two hours early!

Keep the snow coming - I LOVE it!


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