Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Night with Simon Cowell

So, Britain's Got Talent decided to use the theatre my lovely man is the stage manager at this week for their auditions.
He asked if I could come and watch one of the shows and the crew went above and beyond kindness.
They gave me a front row seat next to the crew, (I was sat with Mr Cowell's stunningly beautiful make-up artist!)
I shook the Cowell's hand and I had a fabulous time watching the show. I was right next to the judges and I could see Ant and Dec in the wings.

After the show finished, the floor manager asked if I wanted to sit in Simon's chair for a photo!

As if I was going to say no. I was soooooo excited.

Thanks to them, the nicest people I've ever met, I had a night to remember.


Nell Dixon said...

How exciting!

Rebecca said...

What an incredible experience! You are very lucky. So, what is the Cowell like in person?

Lucy Diamond said...

Wow!!!! How cool is that?!

Sally Lawton said...

So exciting and so cool. A memory I'll never forget.
The Cowell seems like he is on TV - really friendly, up for a laugh and LOVES women screaming and making a fuss over him!!!!

Anonymous said...

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