Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Day That Went.... Off!

So, since I started my job a few months ago I've been juggling other jobs (see post below) - producing plays, writing plays with people.
All my days off have been taken up with working elsewhere or meeting someone to write or for creative stuff.
So this Wednesday was the first ME day off.
'I'm going to clean and tidy the flat, then I'm going to write ALL day.' I said to anyone who would listen. I was soooo excited.


Mr Sally gets up and says the flat is freeeeezing. The heating is off. I had to get up and try and re-start the boiler as Mr Sally couldn't get it re-started. Neither could I.
So, I had to take Mr Sally to work, where thankfully there are showers in the theatre and he could shower there. I, however couldn't shower and felt manky ALL day.
My landlord wasn't responding to my SOS messages either.

So, I went shopping and bought rugs, cushions, candles, shelving, coffee table (just bits for the flat as I've been planning on changing things and re-decorating for a while.)
Anyway, I came home and started cleaning and building shelves etc - mainly to keep warm. I was just hoovering when POP! The hoover stopped and I looked around and noticed the electricity was off.
My landlord finally answered and told me he'd get someone round asap.
He phoned me back and said someone would be there in an hour.
To cut a long story short. I was freezing, I had to go to McDonald's for a coffee and had to walk around ASDA just to get warm.
My electricity was fixed at 5pm and my boiler was still broken. My landlord said he'd get someone around the next morning and I actually broke: 'I am in work tomorrow at 7AM for a fourteen hour day and I NEED a shower.'

At 8:30pm he said he had a room in a flat somewhere I could stay, but it wasn't clean.
'I think I'll be staying in a hotel.' I said.
He took one look at my un-amused face and agreed.
'Can you find somewhere for around £30 and knock it off next months rent.'
£30? In Manchester?
The best we could do was the Ibis for £62.

What a waste of money. We got to the room after 9:00pm. I had a HOT shower. Dried my hair, put clean pj's on, had a beer with Mr Sally and went to sleep. Ready to be up for 5:30am for another shower and in work for 7am.
My shoulder was killing me because I'd slept funny on it.
So, as days off go - this was TERRIBLE.

Oh, well - there's always next week!
PS: My little flat looks so cosy with all my new things.


Rebecca said...

Isn't that always the way it goes? The best laid plans ... I guess ...or something like that. Hopefully you are all sorted now. I hope you get a break soon!

Cheryl said...

A free hotel stay! Awesome, even if for a short night.

Hope this week is much better :)

Barrie said...

Oh yuck. That does sound like a very bad day!! (but I love how you bought lots of new stuff ;))

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