Thursday, 28 January 2010

Coming and Going

I don't know whether I'm coming or going at the moment. I'm doing nearly 50 hour weeks at my day job, not to mention my theatre job and my teaching and trying to spend time with Mr Sally and squeeze writing time in to every spare second.

I'm tired. I could do with a break or a mini holiday.

I can't even say roll on the weekend as I work every weekend.
I'm going to Google holidays and mini breaks.


Cheryl said...

Love the new blog layout!

Janice Okoh said...

I'm swamped too with this Teaching English course, writing the radio play and work. I need to do my hair!!!

I love the new lay out too. Wish I could change mine... said...

Take care of yourself. Body and brain should relax and recuperate. Don't neglect my piece of advice and have some quality time.

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