Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Day That Went.... Off!

So, since I started my job a few months ago I've been juggling other jobs (see post below) - producing plays, writing plays with people.
All my days off have been taken up with working elsewhere or meeting someone to write or for creative stuff.
So this Wednesday was the first ME day off.
'I'm going to clean and tidy the flat, then I'm going to write ALL day.' I said to anyone who would listen. I was soooo excited.


Mr Sally gets up and says the flat is freeeeezing. The heating is off. I had to get up and try and re-start the boiler as Mr Sally couldn't get it re-started. Neither could I.
So, I had to take Mr Sally to work, where thankfully there are showers in the theatre and he could shower there. I, however couldn't shower and felt manky ALL day.
My landlord wasn't responding to my SOS messages either.

So, I went shopping and bought rugs, cushions, candles, shelving, coffee table (just bits for the flat as I've been planning on changing things and re-decorating for a while.)
Anyway, I came home and started cleaning and building shelves etc - mainly to keep warm. I was just hoovering when POP! The hoover stopped and I looked around and noticed the electricity was off.
My landlord finally answered and told me he'd get someone round asap.
He phoned me back and said someone would be there in an hour.
To cut a long story short. I was freezing, I had to go to McDonald's for a coffee and had to walk around ASDA just to get warm.
My electricity was fixed at 5pm and my boiler was still broken. My landlord said he'd get someone around the next morning and I actually broke: 'I am in work tomorrow at 7AM for a fourteen hour day and I NEED a shower.'

At 8:30pm he said he had a room in a flat somewhere I could stay, but it wasn't clean.
'I think I'll be staying in a hotel.' I said.
He took one look at my un-amused face and agreed.
'Can you find somewhere for around £30 and knock it off next months rent.'
£30? In Manchester?
The best we could do was the Ibis for £62.

What a waste of money. We got to the room after 9:00pm. I had a HOT shower. Dried my hair, put clean pj's on, had a beer with Mr Sally and went to sleep. Ready to be up for 5:30am for another shower and in work for 7am.
My shoulder was killing me because I'd slept funny on it.
So, as days off go - this was TERRIBLE.

Oh, well - there's always next week!
PS: My little flat looks so cosy with all my new things.

Coming and Going

I don't know whether I'm coming or going at the moment. I'm doing nearly 50 hour weeks at my day job, not to mention my theatre job and my teaching and trying to spend time with Mr Sally and squeeze writing time in to every spare second.

I'm tired. I could do with a break or a mini holiday.

I can't even say roll on the weekend as I work every weekend.
I'm going to Google holidays and mini breaks.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Night with Simon Cowell

So, Britain's Got Talent decided to use the theatre my lovely man is the stage manager at this week for their auditions.
He asked if I could come and watch one of the shows and the crew went above and beyond kindness.
They gave me a front row seat next to the crew, (I was sat with Mr Cowell's stunningly beautiful make-up artist!)
I shook the Cowell's hand and I had a fabulous time watching the show. I was right next to the judges and I could see Ant and Dec in the wings.

After the show finished, the floor manager asked if I wanted to sit in Simon's chair for a photo!

As if I was going to say no. I was soooooo excited.

Thanks to them, the nicest people I've ever met, I had a night to remember.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's a Play Fest!

One of my new years resolutions to myself was that I was going to watch and read more plays. Although I do already watch and read a fair bit, there's always room for improvement.
Mr Sally and I went shopping today and I got fed up, so arranged for him to come and meet me in Waterstones. I don't know what it is about that shop but it instantly makes me feel calm and happy.

Anyway, I accidentally spent nearly £40 on these. I had to make myself put some back.

Then I got home and was messing around on Amazon and have accidentally bought these.
I can't wait to read them all.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Casting and Characters!

Been busy auditioning for my new play. Almost cast - will have a bit more of a think over the weekend, but I think I've made up my mind. I've had Chris there to help me and we both have the same people cast, so at least we agree. Just want to make sure I'm definitely sure before I make my final decision.

Last night Character Creation Theatre started back. What a fab hour of drama. Lovely to see the old group back again and so great to welcome new members. They fit in so well and we had a brilliant session. I laughed and laughed, which is a good sign.
The play I'm writing for them next is called LOVE RULES and is set on a Speed Dating night. So I designed the whole lesson around Speed Dating. It was so funny and I can't wait to write the play for them.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow and Houses!

The snow and coldness has been unbelievable this week. I'm pleased to say I've managed to get in to work every day, not on time, but I got in. Today's been busier in town and loads of customers in work have said, 'Well, thought I should make the effort and go in today!!'
Good on them. I wish I'd had a day to go sledging and have snow fun.
Managed to get to Hulme tonight to audition for JUMBLE. All good and looking forward to more auditions tomorrow. The snow is keeping some away, so we'll see how we get on.

Other News
Mr Sally and I are busy looking at houses. We're going to be buying a house together this year and we can't wait. We kind of know the area we want to move to and hopefully on Sunday we're going to either drive up there or get the train and have a good look around. We've been busy looking at houses for sale on the net. I've fallen in love with a couple of them, so we'll see. We can't wait though. It's about time we got our act together and got ourselves one house instead of a house we never go to and a flat that doesn't quite feel like home - although I do love the flat.
I'm so excited.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Weather permitting - I'll be starting auditions for my play JUMBLE tomorrow night. I've got loads of potentially great people auditioning.

New term starts back for the Character Creation Drama Class on Friday after a huge afternoon of JUMBLE auditions. I really can't wait to see the class again, so excited. We've also got a few new places joining, so hopefully it'll be a fabulous start to the new year.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What a Snow-Wonderful Day!

OMG! What an unbelievable day.
I was in work for 7am this morning and obviously at 5:30am, I can barely see so I didn't open the curtains. It wasn't until I was drying my hair and looking at Facebook at the same time, that I read about the snow. I peeled the curtains back and couldn't believe it, it looked like I'd woken up in Narnia!
It wasn't until my taxi was late that I realised how bad it was. I was told I was lucky to be getting a taxi as they'd cancelled loads.
Once the driver arrived, I stepped out of my front door and the snow went halfway up my legs!!


I was eating my breakfast in work watching the snowman in the yellow t-shirt being made.
The other pic is where I work and the scene I've watched all day.

I know the snow is dangerous, but it looks gorgeous and EVERYONE has been smiling today.
I've just seen a woman skiing on the pavement - in Salford. Something I'd didn't think I'd ever see in my lifetime!

I made it in to work, but the City was like a ghost town. What few people made it in were in high spirits and I've had a lovely day watching grown men outside my work build snowmen and have huge snowball fights.
I got let out of work two hours early!

Keep the snow coming - I LOVE it!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year to you all. Hope 2010 sees all your dreams come true.
I'm having a lovely New Years Day at my mum and dad's. We've just been to the (freezing) beach for kite flying and rocket launching, much fun. I'm only just getting the feeling back in my hands now!

Here's to a fabulous 2010.
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