Friday, 11 December 2009

Ready or Not?

So, who's ready for Christmas?
It seems everyone I speak to have done their shopping and wrapped their shopping and are now just waiting for the big day!

To be fair, Mr Sally and I have been working a million hours - him doing Panto and me doing every job going! We had this pact that we'd pay all our bills first, him paying for his house, me paying my my flat, him helping me to pay for my flat! (Hopefully next year we'll just have the one house and one lot of bills!)
Today I got a rather lovely wage and it's almost ALL gone on the gas, electric, phone bill. Crikey.
Anyway, that's it, all our December bills are paid, so whatever we earn next is Christmas money.

I want to treat Mr Sally this year and have joined forces with my mum and dad to get him a super-duper gift.
He's off all next week, so whilst I'm working I'm going to send him out with a list. We'll get on top of it and I WILL NOT leave it until Christmas Eve this year!
How dare you even suggest I would!


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