Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE. Hope your day is filled full of lovely things.

We made it to my mum and dad's last night. My best friend, Leah and her hubby Mani arrived just before us and Mum and Dad put on a fab buffet.
Leah and Mani then drove to Leah's mum's and we had some beers and then bed. I was so tired after working a million hours and spending most of Christmas eve in town getting last minute presents.

What a morning, we were supposed to be having a cheap/quiet Christmas this year - but oh my goodness, I'm still in shock at the wonderful presents I just opened.

My mum and dad, who are by far the best parents a girl could wish for got me perfume, lots of lovely bits and bobs. They also got me a GORGEOUS camera, a professional one. I LOVE IT. And the best gift off them? A black filing cabinet for my new little office. I was sooo happy when I opened it.

Mr Sally got me a FLIP video camera, an ipod nano, ugg boots, perfume, GHDs. I have been spoilt rotten.

My brother got me perfume and a mini Henry the Hoover desk hoover. It's soooo cute!

Although we've all opened some amazing presents this year, I know it's not about what we open, it's about spending time with our loved ones. I love my family and man very much. I'm a very lucky girl.



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