Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Little Treat

I've had two LONG shifts at work, yesterday was another 13 hour work day.
Day off today, but no rest for me. Got to meet my friend and writing partner Luke in town at 12pm to crack on with our play and then I'm heading off to Hulme to meet the cast for a rehearsal before they open on Friday!

Before I lost my job in the summer, my treat to myself was that once a week I'd buy a copy of the Stage newspaper and sit in a coffee shop and read it back to front. Anyway, since the summer money has been tight, so I've had to stop little treats.
But now, finally everything is getting better I went to Waterstones before work on Monday and sat with a coffee and a copy of the Stage and happily read it.
You've got to have a little treat!


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