Friday, 18 December 2009


It's been a long week of rushing from one job to another. Starting one at 7am and finishing the other at midnight. I'm shattered.
Mr Sally has been off all week, and to be fair has got up early to drop me off at work and has been picking me up, taking me home so I can shower and change and then dropping me back off at my other job.

Today in work I felt like I just hit a wall of tiredness. Mr Sally came and met me at 4pm when I finished and we... wait for it... we made a start on our Christmas shopping!!!

Wow, we got loads of stuff, fabulous gifts for my mum, dad and brother. Mr Sally has been busy shopping for mine and I'm going to get his next week, finally it's all under control.

Because of our living situation at the moment, our beautiful Christmas tree is at his house and as we both live at the flat, until we buy our home next year - we decided not to bother with a tree for the flat this year. We're never in anyway.
But halfway through the week, when I was really tired, I had a bit of a rant about how un-festive the flat feels. Not even a fairy light in the window.
I got home from work at midnight last night, and Mr Sally had got a little tree for the living room. It's so cute. It almost made me cry.
We're going to keep it for our new house as I'm sure it'll go nicely in another room.

Anyway, I'm finally in the festive spirit and I'm almost ready for Christmas. I'm getting so excited now.


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