Monday, 7 December 2009


I've been away from the world wide web for a bit! Last week was CHAOS. I was doing full time hours at the restaurant, then days off I was either rushing to meet Luke to write our new play or rushing to extra rehearsals of Exposure!
On Friday when Exposure opened, I had to work from 7am in the restaurant until 3pm. I felt sick with nerves all day. It was as if I was performing that night. I was nervous for the cast, nervous that they had an audience, nervous because Mr Sally couldn't take time off from work to help with the tech side of things, which left me to do the lights and the sound.

Anyway, everything went amazingly well. We had a lot of support from family/friends - we were almost full on opening night and still really busy on the last night. The cast were amazing, they put their hearts and souls in to it. The audience loved the play, they were laughing along, cheering at the end and they loved the characters/actors and I feel amazingly proud of them.

Bless them too, they bought me a bottle of wine and all wrote beautiful messages in to a thank you card for me. They also bought Mr S a two bottles of beer for all the help he'd given them too. I was almost sobbing.

They have one last class this Friday and I've planned for them to have a comedy workshop. I wanted to end the classes on a huge high before Christmas, and they're all excited about the workshop, so it should be fab. I've got loads of planning to do now over Christmas and CCT is coming back in the new year with a big bang!

The only down side to the performances, one cast member got her bag stolen whilst she was on stage. The theatre is a co-op space and people live around the space. I told them all to put their bags in the storage room that I had a key for and I'd be sat next to the door through the show anyway, so just assumed they'd all done it. She took her bag backstage and left it there, so whilst the show was on, someone came down and stole it. I'm so gutted for her. I replaced the money she had in her purse, but I'm so angry it happened.

Thank you everyone for your support. Thanks for the lovely messages on here, Facebook, Twitter. It really means a lot.

Here's to the next one. Eek!

PS: I've started working with a guy in the restaurant who is also a writer, and also teaches music.
'Can you compose music?' I asked him whilst serving a cappuccino that looked like a latte.
'Yes, why?'
'Because I want to write a musical and don't know anyone who can compose music.'
'Oh My God - I've always wanted to write a musical.'

It's going to happen. I'm going to write and produce my first ever musical in 2010.
I knew there was a reason I've started serving coffee for a living!


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