Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Spirit

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful Mum. She woke up to a snow scene outside and lots of gifts today. Although it's rubbish I'm not there, we sent her a beautiful cardigan which she's been wearing all day and she's been spoilt by everyone else.

I'm full of Christmas excitement now. Perhaps because I've been shopping finally, perhaps because of the snow... but I'm suddenly so excited.

Day off tomorrow. Hurrah! Meeting Luke to do more writing. Our play is coming along, we just need a full day to get stuck in to it. I'm off to his house to write and have my tea - he lives in the hills though, so I'm a bit worried about snow and driving, so we'll have to see if I get there. May have to get the train.

Right, here I am blogging and I need to get a move on and get to the theatre. I'm working tonight.

Christmas Jingles to you all xx


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