Friday, 11 December 2009

Bye Bye Blog?

I nearly deleted Mirth in Manchester yesterday. Nearly, then I stopped myself.
I created Mirth four years ago, a place for me to write about my little world. Things that happen to me on a day to day basis and before I knew it I was making blog friends and my real life friends were logging on and enjoying my words. That was it. Nothing more. It was fun.
Over the last four years I've had over twenty thousand hits and just looking at my stats I can see that people are always googling to find my blog, which has always been flattering.

I'm always careful what I write and who I write about. But then what happens when you put something out there not expecting people to google you and stumble upon your daily thoughts? It's horrible.

I've been chatting to my friends about this and they say, 'Well if you put it out there, expect for it to be found.'
Which is what I always think when I post something. But when it is found by people you don't want it to be found by, it's rather confusing and just makes me feel a bit cold.

So I was fluttering between deleting the whole blog and not. What's the point? Why put your whole life online? Is it fun or just incredibly stupid?
I had a job interview recently and at the end the woman interviewing me said, 'I feel like I know you anyway, I'm following you on Twitter!' That left me shocked. I don't know why though, it's not like I'm naive to it.

Anyway, I'm keeping Mirth. I love my little blog and my little world. I'll still continue to think before I post and if people stumble upon it that I hoped wouldn't - then so be it.

And to all those readers I've had over the last four years, those I know and don't know. Thank you for reading Mirth and being interested in my little world xxx


Walkloss said...

Don't delete! I love reading your blog :-)

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