Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Beach!

Boxing Day has been everything it should be, just chilling out with my beautiful family. The only down side to it is that Mr Sally had to drive back to Manchester for two shows and being the wonderful human being he is, he's driving back to Wales after the last show to come and get me and drive me back. He didn't want me to have to spend Boxing Day on my own, when I could be with my lovely family. Ahh.

Today I've been out and about with my mum and dad. Most of the shops were closed, which is just stupid as most of Manchester is open.
Anyway, we had a good drive out and then went to the beach for a bit.

I've just been chilling out all day with my cats and family, it's been bliss and I'm not ready to go home. We're so used to staying here until New Year, but unfortunately I have to be in work tomorrow morning. Oh well.


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