Tuesday, 15 December 2009

All Work and a Bit of Play!

I will not bore you to tears with tales of my million hour week shift at the restaurant. It was so busy and I've been rushing from there to my theatre job, downing cans of Red Bull on the way!

I've still not started my Christmas shopping. Mr Sally seems to think we should not panic, even though he looked panic stricken himself when I said, 'It's Christmas day next week!'
He's off this week and Friday night after I finish work at 4pm, we're heading to town (which will be painfully busy and filled with chaos), and we're going to make a start on the shopping.

I asked work if there was any possible way I could have Xmas Eve off. We're going to Wales that afternoon, but I have a horrible feeling I will be panic shopping at 9am as I do every year.
No, I never learn.

Had a lovely night off last night and went to the press night at the theatre I work at with Paul Newbery. We watched Blithe Spirit and it was FAB. I really loved it. I even had some mulled wine to get me in to the festive spirit.

I'm off today from the day job. It felt so nice not to have to set the alarm, although Mr Sally had to get up at seven to drive back to his house as the TV man and plumber are coming round to fix things.
Today I'm having a morning to myself, heading to town later to meet Luke to do some more writing. Our play is coming along, but so much more to do as our deadline is early Jan and between us working, we're trying to squeeze every possible spare second of writing time we can.
So we're meeting for three hours to write then I've got to work at the theatre tonight.


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