Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The End

Luke and I wrote those two special words today.
We finished our play. It's been the most fun, difficult, wonderful thing I've written. I've loved writing with Luke and we really believe we have something special. We're so proud of it.

I can't tell you the title or the synopsis yet - not being anal, we're entering it in to a playwriting festival and it's completely anonymous - so just want to be careful.
We'll be tweaking it slightly next week, filling out our application and then off it goes.
We won't find out until April, so I'll keep you all posted.

Whether we get in or not, we have a very special play and we're really proud.


Ooh, I was thinking today what the first book I'll read in 2010 will be?
Anyway, I popped in to my second home - Waterstones today and this caught my eye.
Here's a link to read more.
I've got a TBR pile that's higher than Blackpool Tower, but I've never got round to reading a Nick Hornby book, although all of his look brilliant. So I'm going to buy this tomorrow and get stuck right in. Can't wait.

Monday, 28 December 2009


'Happy Anniversary.' Mr Sally said to me this morning.
'Err, that's nice - but it's not for another two days.' I said.
'No, it's today.'
'Is it? Oh my God - yes, it's today.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!' I said.
'You'd kill me if this was the other way around.'
'Yeah, you're right!'

Mr Sally and I have been together, (admittedly on and off), for seven years. It's been a bumpy journey, but this year we became a million times closer and our relationship has become stronger than it's ever been. Here's to another seven (less bumpy!) years.

I love Mr Sally.

PS: We're not exchanging gifts as we spent a fortune on each other this Crimbo. We're going to have a meal and a few drinks in town next week when our jobs get less busy!
Can't wait! x

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Beach!

Boxing Day has been everything it should be, just chilling out with my beautiful family. The only down side to it is that Mr Sally had to drive back to Manchester for two shows and being the wonderful human being he is, he's driving back to Wales after the last show to come and get me and drive me back. He didn't want me to have to spend Boxing Day on my own, when I could be with my lovely family. Ahh.

Today I've been out and about with my mum and dad. Most of the shops were closed, which is just stupid as most of Manchester is open.
Anyway, we had a good drive out and then went to the beach for a bit.

I've just been chilling out all day with my cats and family, it's been bliss and I'm not ready to go home. We're so used to staying here until New Year, but unfortunately I have to be in work tomorrow morning. Oh well.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE. Hope your day is filled full of lovely things.

We made it to my mum and dad's last night. My best friend, Leah and her hubby Mani arrived just before us and Mum and Dad put on a fab buffet.
Leah and Mani then drove to Leah's mum's and we had some beers and then bed. I was so tired after working a million hours and spending most of Christmas eve in town getting last minute presents.

What a morning, we were supposed to be having a cheap/quiet Christmas this year - but oh my goodness, I'm still in shock at the wonderful presents I just opened.

My mum and dad, who are by far the best parents a girl could wish for got me perfume, lots of lovely bits and bobs. They also got me a GORGEOUS camera, a professional one. I LOVE IT. And the best gift off them? A black filing cabinet for my new little office. I was sooo happy when I opened it.

Mr Sally got me a FLIP video camera, an ipod nano, ugg boots, perfume, GHDs. I have been spoilt rotten.

My brother got me perfume and a mini Henry the Hoover desk hoover. It's soooo cute!

Although we've all opened some amazing presents this year, I know it's not about what we open, it's about spending time with our loved ones. I love my family and man very much. I'm a very lucky girl.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Play

I'm busy planning next year. I'm writing and writing every spare moment I have. I just don't want to waste a second of next year.

Once Jumble and Love Rules have been produced - this will be my next one.
I have been planning this play for three years!

For a synopsis on JUMBLE/LOVE RULES and CHAPERONES. Go to the website and read all about them.

I'm so excited.

Twinkle Twinkle

Aww, last night Mr S picked me up from work. I was really tired and not feeling great - I walked in to the living room and he'd put twinkly lights all over the room.
My presents were also under the little tree he bought the other day.

I'm soooo excited for Christmas!

Snowed Off!

The plan today was to drop Mr S off at work, go pick up a Crimbo present for Mr S and then drive to Littleborough to Luke's to have a full day of writing.
When I saw the snow this morning, my first thought was, 'Oh no!'

I've driven in snow once, and it was hardly driving as it was only to the top of my road and back and I almost skidded and came back home. So I wasn't very keen on driving all the way to Luke's.

He said he'd come to mine, but he's just called to say he's on the motorway and is turning round and going back home. The snow is getting heavier and heavier.

I didn't even drive Mr S to work or go and get his present. It's not worth it.
I'm just waiting for Luke to get home safely and for him to call and see what we can do over the phone or over MSN messenger or something.

What a nightmare.

The snow looks very pretty though.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Spirit

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful Mum. She woke up to a snow scene outside and lots of gifts today. Although it's rubbish I'm not there, we sent her a beautiful cardigan which she's been wearing all day and she's been spoilt by everyone else.

I'm full of Christmas excitement now. Perhaps because I've been shopping finally, perhaps because of the snow... but I'm suddenly so excited.

Day off tomorrow. Hurrah! Meeting Luke to do more writing. Our play is coming along, we just need a full day to get stuck in to it. I'm off to his house to write and have my tea - he lives in the hills though, so I'm a bit worried about snow and driving, so we'll have to see if I get there. May have to get the train.

Right, here I am blogging and I need to get a move on and get to the theatre. I'm working tonight.

Christmas Jingles to you all xx

Friday, 18 December 2009


It's been a long week of rushing from one job to another. Starting one at 7am and finishing the other at midnight. I'm shattered.
Mr Sally has been off all week, and to be fair has got up early to drop me off at work and has been picking me up, taking me home so I can shower and change and then dropping me back off at my other job.

Today in work I felt like I just hit a wall of tiredness. Mr Sally came and met me at 4pm when I finished and we... wait for it... we made a start on our Christmas shopping!!!

Wow, we got loads of stuff, fabulous gifts for my mum, dad and brother. Mr Sally has been busy shopping for mine and I'm going to get his next week, finally it's all under control.

Because of our living situation at the moment, our beautiful Christmas tree is at his house and as we both live at the flat, until we buy our home next year - we decided not to bother with a tree for the flat this year. We're never in anyway.
But halfway through the week, when I was really tired, I had a bit of a rant about how un-festive the flat feels. Not even a fairy light in the window.
I got home from work at midnight last night, and Mr Sally had got a little tree for the living room. It's so cute. It almost made me cry.
We're going to keep it for our new house as I'm sure it'll go nicely in another room.

Anyway, I'm finally in the festive spirit and I'm almost ready for Christmas. I'm getting so excited now.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Just been shortlisting people to audition for JUMBLE. Some fab people applied so far and I've had to be a bit ruthless in my cut (I like to give almost everyone a chance usually, but experience tells me that I have to be more ruthless!)
I'm only auditioning for three characters and although it's horrible saying no to people, I always keep people of file for future plays etc, so not all will be lost.
Right, off to meet Luke to write more of our joint play. I was just thinking how I'd quite like a full day at home to go through JUMBLE too, but I've got a 2 hour break in between a split shift tomorrow and so I'm going to take my mini laptop in with me and have two Jumble-filled hours.

I'm so excited about JUMBLE. I've got a good feeling about it.
Keep you posted! x

All Work and a Bit of Play!

I will not bore you to tears with tales of my million hour week shift at the restaurant. It was so busy and I've been rushing from there to my theatre job, downing cans of Red Bull on the way!

I've still not started my Christmas shopping. Mr Sally seems to think we should not panic, even though he looked panic stricken himself when I said, 'It's Christmas day next week!'
He's off this week and Friday night after I finish work at 4pm, we're heading to town (which will be painfully busy and filled with chaos), and we're going to make a start on the shopping.

I asked work if there was any possible way I could have Xmas Eve off. We're going to Wales that afternoon, but I have a horrible feeling I will be panic shopping at 9am as I do every year.
No, I never learn.

Had a lovely night off last night and went to the press night at the theatre I work at with Paul Newbery. We watched Blithe Spirit and it was FAB. I really loved it. I even had some mulled wine to get me in to the festive spirit.

I'm off today from the day job. It felt so nice not to have to set the alarm, although Mr Sally had to get up at seven to drive back to his house as the TV man and plumber are coming round to fix things.
Today I'm having a morning to myself, heading to town later to meet Luke to do some more writing. Our play is coming along, but so much more to do as our deadline is early Jan and between us working, we're trying to squeeze every possible spare second of writing time we can.
So we're meeting for three hours to write then I've got to work at the theatre tonight.

Friday, 11 December 2009

New Year - New Plans

So, I've been MEGA busy in the spare seconds I get between work and sleep and have been planning next years projects.
Do you remember the play JUMBLE I started writing in the Summer? I read through it the other day, haven't looked at it for nearly three months and the good news is, I LOVE IT. I think it's my best yet. Even if I do say so myself.
I'm going to be producing it late Feb. I have already put a casting call out to audition for the parts and getting loads of CVs back. I'll be auditioning in the first week of Jan.

Here's the poster.

The second thing. After my AMAZING adult drama class proved they were utterly fab in their first play EXPOSURE the other week, I've been planning their next one - LOVE RULES!
I hope to produce that in Feb too. It's going to be a busy start to the year, and that's the way I want it!

Ready or Not?

So, who's ready for Christmas?
It seems everyone I speak to have done their shopping and wrapped their shopping and are now just waiting for the big day!

To be fair, Mr Sally and I have been working a million hours - him doing Panto and me doing every job going! We had this pact that we'd pay all our bills first, him paying for his house, me paying my my flat, him helping me to pay for my flat! (Hopefully next year we'll just have the one house and one lot of bills!)
Today I got a rather lovely wage and it's almost ALL gone on the gas, electric, phone bill. Crikey.
Anyway, that's it, all our December bills are paid, so whatever we earn next is Christmas money.

I want to treat Mr Sally this year and have joined forces with my mum and dad to get him a super-duper gift.
He's off all next week, so whilst I'm working I'm going to send him out with a list. We'll get on top of it and I WILL NOT leave it until Christmas Eve this year!
How dare you even suggest I would!

Bye Bye Blog?

I nearly deleted Mirth in Manchester yesterday. Nearly, then I stopped myself.
I created Mirth four years ago, a place for me to write about my little world. Things that happen to me on a day to day basis and before I knew it I was making blog friends and my real life friends were logging on and enjoying my words. That was it. Nothing more. It was fun.
Over the last four years I've had over twenty thousand hits and just looking at my stats I can see that people are always googling to find my blog, which has always been flattering.

I'm always careful what I write and who I write about. But then what happens when you put something out there not expecting people to google you and stumble upon your daily thoughts? It's horrible.

I've been chatting to my friends about this and they say, 'Well if you put it out there, expect for it to be found.'
Which is what I always think when I post something. But when it is found by people you don't want it to be found by, it's rather confusing and just makes me feel a bit cold.

So I was fluttering between deleting the whole blog and not. What's the point? Why put your whole life online? Is it fun or just incredibly stupid?
I had a job interview recently and at the end the woman interviewing me said, 'I feel like I know you anyway, I'm following you on Twitter!' That left me shocked. I don't know why though, it's not like I'm naive to it.

Anyway, I'm keeping Mirth. I love my little blog and my little world. I'll still continue to think before I post and if people stumble upon it that I hoped wouldn't - then so be it.

And to all those readers I've had over the last four years, those I know and don't know. Thank you for reading Mirth and being interested in my little world xxx

Monday, 7 December 2009


I've been away from the world wide web for a bit! Last week was CHAOS. I was doing full time hours at the restaurant, then days off I was either rushing to meet Luke to write our new play or rushing to extra rehearsals of Exposure!
On Friday when Exposure opened, I had to work from 7am in the restaurant until 3pm. I felt sick with nerves all day. It was as if I was performing that night. I was nervous for the cast, nervous that they had an audience, nervous because Mr Sally couldn't take time off from work to help with the tech side of things, which left me to do the lights and the sound.

Anyway, everything went amazingly well. We had a lot of support from family/friends - we were almost full on opening night and still really busy on the last night. The cast were amazing, they put their hearts and souls in to it. The audience loved the play, they were laughing along, cheering at the end and they loved the characters/actors and I feel amazingly proud of them.

Bless them too, they bought me a bottle of wine and all wrote beautiful messages in to a thank you card for me. They also bought Mr S a two bottles of beer for all the help he'd given them too. I was almost sobbing.

They have one last class this Friday and I've planned for them to have a comedy workshop. I wanted to end the classes on a huge high before Christmas, and they're all excited about the workshop, so it should be fab. I've got loads of planning to do now over Christmas and CCT is coming back in the new year with a big bang!

The only down side to the performances, one cast member got her bag stolen whilst she was on stage. The theatre is a co-op space and people live around the space. I told them all to put their bags in the storage room that I had a key for and I'd be sat next to the door through the show anyway, so just assumed they'd all done it. She took her bag backstage and left it there, so whilst the show was on, someone came down and stole it. I'm so gutted for her. I replaced the money she had in her purse, but I'm so angry it happened.

Thank you everyone for your support. Thanks for the lovely messages on here, Facebook, Twitter. It really means a lot.

Here's to the next one. Eek!

PS: I've started working with a guy in the restaurant who is also a writer, and also teaches music.
'Can you compose music?' I asked him whilst serving a cappuccino that looked like a latte.
'Yes, why?'
'Because I want to write a musical and don't know anyone who can compose music.'
'Oh My God - I've always wanted to write a musical.'

It's going to happen. I'm going to write and produce my first ever musical in 2010.
I knew there was a reason I've started serving coffee for a living!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day Before We Open!

EXPOSURE! Opens tomorrow night.
I had a rehearsal with the cast last night. Think they're ready. They are filled full of nerves and excitement and I'm so proud of them.
Our first Character Creation Theatre production. It's going to be FAB.

I shall keep you all posted on the events and post pics etc. But for now, I have to spend my afternoon sorting last minute props, printing programmes... that kind of thing.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Little Treat

I've had two LONG shifts at work, yesterday was another 13 hour work day.
Day off today, but no rest for me. Got to meet my friend and writing partner Luke in town at 12pm to crack on with our play and then I'm heading off to Hulme to meet the cast for a rehearsal before they open on Friday!

Before I lost my job in the summer, my treat to myself was that once a week I'd buy a copy of the Stage newspaper and sit in a coffee shop and read it back to front. Anyway, since the summer money has been tight, so I've had to stop little treats.
But now, finally everything is getting better I went to Waterstones before work on Monday and sat with a coffee and a copy of the Stage and happily read it.
You've got to have a little treat!
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