Sunday, 29 November 2009

Oreo Milkshakes!

Mr Sally and I have had a lovely day today. We started with a meal in GBK and OMG - I discovered Oreo milkshakes. Flippin' heck, they're amazing.
We then went shopping in town, getting ideas for Christmas and I picked up a few props for the play.

Speaking of the play, we open on Friday - FRIDAY!!! Tickets are selling fast, the cast are filled with excitement and it's all systems go.

It's going to be a long week for me and Mr Sally. He has Panto opening at his theatre and I've got my play opening this week.

Best get a good nights sleep whilst I can!


Phillipa said...

Oreo milkshakes... wow, sounds fantastic. Do you have a recipe?

Sally Lawton said...

OMG - Phillipa, it was GORGEOUS and they gave me LOADS. Couldn't drink it all.
From what I could gather it seemed they had just crushed several Oreo's and mixed it with milk. Because there were biscuit bits floating in it. HEAVEN!

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