Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I've been writing my next play JUMBLE since the summer. I've put it to one side for a bit and I'm concentrating on my book etc.

But a few actors I've never met have heard I'm working on my next play and have asked if they could audition for it? This is a very new development for me. Usually, I'm advertising auditions all over the place!
It's really nice and I'm collecting a little folder of CVs etc.

I can't be in this play (which I'm hoping to have finished and ready to produce in Feb). There is one male character, he's a handsome headteacher. Then there are four female roles and these roles are for mature women. This is my way of supporting the huge response in the Stage newspaper about female actors not getting good work once they've hit a certain age.
I'm happy that the four characters I have created are so different from each other and in their own way are strong women.

I am looking forward to producing this one. It'll be nice to just produce it. There's someone I met recently who wants to get in to directing and has never done it before, I'll probably ask this person if they'd like to have a go on this play and I'll be there to support them.
I believe everyone should have a chance and with a bit of support and encouragement, they can go a long way.

I'm looking forward to starting the new year.


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