Thursday, 12 November 2009


Do you believe in ghosts?
I do.

I grew up in a haunted house for 11 years.
I'm terrified of them.

Anyway, so you know how I work in my favourite theatre in the whole of the world? I run their members bar with another girl. We work alone though and swap nights.
The bar is HUGE, very grand and there are creepy pictures on the walls. There is a big sweeping staircase and there is another old looking room at the top that members can use too.

So, I've been aware since day one that it's creepy. I'm in there for five hours on my own, most shifts. It's OK until it starts getting to the end of the night and it suddenly gets really creepy. I have to cash up, go to the top bar and turn the lights off, run down the dark stairs in to the bottom bar and turn the lights off downstairs. That's the bit I hate.

The other day I was in the bar and a four people came back for post show drinks. So I was clearing up, whilst they were chatting. I was just behind the bar and not looking up because I was cleaning and thought one of them had come to the side of the bar to ask for another drink, I looked over and went to say, 'Hello.' But nobody was there, they were still all sat together chatting.

It freaked me out.
But I can't let it get to me, because I have to work there. So it's not an option to be scared.

Last week I was doing a function and I said to one of my bosses, 'Right, I'd better get back to the bar.'
And he said, ' The haunted bar.'
'Haven't you seen the Most Haunted show they did here?'
'Err, nope.'
'Apparently that bar is the most haunted part of the theatre.'

Oh, wonderful.

'Watch it,' he said. 'It's on YouTube.'
'I think I'll pass thanks.'
There is no way I'm going to watch it, no way at all. I'm only ever going to watch it when I don't work there anymore, which I'm hoping will be a long way away!

Anyway, I was telling my lovely friend Paul all about this and he said he was going to watch it for me and report back.

Here are his Tweets to me:

Interesting to hear if you feel anything?! WTF?!
Thanks Paul!

I shall report back.
OMG - I'm scared, really scared now!

**PS: Paul thinks I should talk to it. I don't want to encourage the thing and if I did decide to talk to the thing, what would I say? Oh, this is stupid, I'm scaring myself! **


Anonymous said...

This is the ghost of The Royal Exchange..can you stop stepping on my foot please when you're serving drinks

Sally Lawton said...

Paul, is that you??? STOP IT!!!! xxx

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