Saturday, 7 November 2009


My adult drama class is ace. Last night a few of them turned up to rehearse in costume. They're so fab, I have a lot of love in my heart for this class. Rehearsals for EXPOSURE! went well. We open in a month and tickets went on sale yesterday, eep!

The theatre I use is nice, but it's a co-op with flats behind and the people who live in the flats run the offices etc. So last night (and the week before), our rehearsal was disturbed by kids kicking the doors. Last night they were in the theatre on the balcony switching our lights off and shouting things like, 'Lick my yellow bum!'

It's so frustrating for the class because we've got so much to do before we open and it's their first play and so they need to concentrate.
I can't have that happening when there is a performance on. It's not fair on any performer to have that and especially not a group of performers who are going to be stressed enough by performance nerves. Plus, I'm not having a group of kids ruin all the hard work this group have done.
I don't see how the theatre can control it as there are no locks on the doors.
So we may be moving venues. I'd rather them perform the play in a cold community centre than have the stress of these kids.

Oh, isn't there always a drama whenever I'm producing a play? Lovely this time around that the drama is off stage rather than with a cast member!
Here is a pic of a rehearsal shot. I took this last week and forgot to use my camera last night to capture the fab costumes.


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