Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day Off - Kind Of!

Day off today (kind of), I'm working in my friends comedy after school club later. She's paying me to co teach a comedy class to children for an hour tonight. Looking forward to it.
I slept well last night, but had to drive Mr S to work as I need the car to get to the school I'm teaching at later. So had to get up around 8am anyway. Much better than 5am!

What else is new?

Err, I'm one chapter in to New Moon. I really want to read it before I see the film, but can't wait to see the film. So I'm going to be on a reading frenzy this week.

Oh, let me also update you about the ghost in the theatre where I work. Just before my shift last week, my two friends Paul and Nathan were teasing me on Facebook as they've both watched the Most Haunted programme on it.
Paul said, 'Best not mention flowers to Sally.'
Then Nathan said, 'Lilly loves her lilie's! Are there any lilie's in the bar?'
'Noooo.' I said and threatened to delete the pair of them if they didn't stop.

So that night, feeling scared anyway I went to open the bar up and walked in, switched the lights on and guess what? Lillie's in vases everywhere. I could have died.
I'm pleased to announce nothing happened to me, but I was so scared for the rest of the shift.
My mum and dad decided to watch the clip this week and my mum said last night, 'Well, we only watched five mins of it.'
'Why only five mins?'
'Err, well - I didn't like what they were saying and I know you've got to work there, so I switched it off.'


I told her about the Lilly story and she said, 'Oh yes, love. She hates white lilies.'
'They had white ones in the bar.'
'Yes, they said she's been known to throw them across the room.'

Honestly, I'm scared to death. Eeeek. This proves though how much I LOVE this theatre because any other bar and I'd have handed in my notice!
Oh, my mum also said, 'Maybe the ghost of Lilly will like you.'
Am I too old to phone childline?


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