Thursday, 5 November 2009

Dark Cloud

I didn't blog, tweet, or do any social networking yesterday. I got out of bed on the wrong side, I don't know why or what was wrong. I did have some horrible news about two people I know, separate things, but both got me down and I just argued with Mr Sally all day. Poor thing, he was a bit like 'What have I done?'
My answer was 'Nothing,' and err, that was the point!

Flippin' heck. My day job went wrong yesterday and I just felt like bursting in to tears. Horrible, horrible.
I did try and Tweet a message of misery from my train, but even Twitter didn't want part of it and refused to upload it!
I had to rush to my theatre job after the day job and ended up having a fab night. It was the opening of a new play. We had a HUGE function and it was busy. I got to work with the girl I trained with. We get on so well, we even had matching tops on last night! We share the job, so we never get to work with each other, although we're always texting and trying to meet up for drinks etc. So it was great to actually get to work together. We also got some of the GORGEOUS food, free ice cream, chocolate cake and coffee.
We worked until midnight and got a huge glass of wine at the end of the night too.
It must be something to do with good old Doctor Theatre, because my mood was lifted and I felt much better when I got in, much to Mr Sally's happiness!

Phew, I don't get like that - EVER. And hope to never again, it wasn't nice.


Phillipa said...

We all have off days, Sally - and sounds like you're normally a sunny person. Hope the rest of the weekend is much better. :)

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Phillipa. Yeah, I guess we do have off days. Just horrible though :(

Much, much better this weekend, thanks x

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