Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Blood, Sweat and Almost Tears!

Had the best time away in Wales. Nice to have a break with Mr Sally and soooo nice to see my family and my cats.

Back to work yesterday and flippin' heck was I back to work with a bang.
7am shift until 2pm.
Mr Sally picked me up and drove me to a primary school in Bury to teach a comedy workshop - I had to get changed in the car? Have any of you ever tried that? So difficult.
Taught the comedy class and the kids were fab as usual. The school was lovely.
Then back in the car, changed back in to my uniform and back to the restaurant for an evening shift.

Today I was in at 8am and they decided I should be doing coffee's. OMG - I was doing fine until one guy came in and ordered 6 different types of coffee and everything went to pot.
I can't get the hang of a cappuccino, but my lattes are ace! (Kind of!)
Today, I also decided to trap my boss' finger in the cupboard door as he was answering the phone. There was blood everywhere. I felt so bad.

I am enjoying the restaurant job though. I'm getting to know the regulars and it's great talking to loads of different people all the time.

Finished at 2pm today - but no night off for me. Got to meet the drama class as they want an extra rehearsal, their play is next week. I'm taking chocolate!


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