Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wet Week

It's been a chaotic week this week.
Gav is moving out today (sob, sob). I am going to miss him being around, but wish him all things happy.

Other news:
I'm SICK of commuting to and from work. I get a tram and then a train and fine they are only small journeys, but it's tiring me out so much.
Yesterday I though instead of getting the tram home, why don't I get the train as I'm at the station anyway.
I got off the train, it was PITCH black and I couldn't get my bearings. It was also THROWING IT DOWN.
I was lost, wet and miserable.
It added an extra hour on to my journey and I was soaking wet. I stomped home, mumbling how much I hated the kids who stole and burnt my car.

Anyway, Mr S is going to add me to his car insurance when his is up for a renewal next month, which should make things easier.

Yesterday I donated a load of teenage books to the kids club I work at. They went down so well and one little girl read all afternoon.
That was nice.

Right, loads to do before I head to the tram stop. Catch you all later x


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