Saturday, 3 October 2009

Theatrical Stuff

**Theatrical Post Alert**

OK, so my Play Worker job got even better this week when I had to do an activity with them, and I was encouraged by my boss to do drama type things with the group.
Anyway, I decided to create a play with them and they all got involved - some wanting to have backstage creative roles, some wanting performing roles.
We started creating characters and a play, which they've given the title BAD GIRLS.
It was nice to see them enthusiastic and working together.

I also got offered the job at my favourite theatre. The Royal Exchange Theatre have employed me as a weekend host and I'm soooo excited. I love this theatre so much.

Lastly, my theatre school launched last night. I had to drag myself out of my sick bed and there was a hicup with the dance class as the teacher had lost her voice. The adult drama class launched and flippin' heck, what a lovely group. Really enthusiastic, friendly and willing to try. Everything you wish for when teaching. I'm going to really enjoy working with this group, it's going to be good.


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