Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Theatrical Spy

I have been working solidly all day today - I think a bubble bath is in order and I'm going to pick a book off my huge TBR pile.

I have a few deadlines to meet by Friday and yet, I'm out tomorrow night to the theatre to watch a play with my friend Luke.
We are writing a play together and it seems there is a play on with the exact same title and possibly a similar theme to us. So we're checking it out, like theatrical spy's!
I hope, hope, hope it's nothing like ours because I love our play so much.

It'll be nice to catch up with Luke too. He's been busy on a theatre tour for a while, so we're in need of a proper catch up.

I haven't had a treat or a theatre night out for a bit, and although money is tight at the moment - I've been working so hard, I figure one little trip to the theatre is allowed! Especially as it's research!


Cheryl said...

Hi Sally, just wanted to say hi since I haven't been round in a while. A trip to the theatre sounds like so much fun! The last play I saw was a year ago, Twelfth Night. The twins were played by the same actor!!! A little strange when they reunite in the end, I thought. But interesting.
have fun at the theatre!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Cheryl.
So nice to hear from you. How are things with you?

Wow, that version of Twelfth Night seems quite theatrical, sounds like it was good in a different way!

Looking forward to catching up with all you've been up to x

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