Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Theatre School

I'm working from home this week and this makes me happy.
I've got so many writing deadlines this week, so I've got to crack on and get stuck in to them.

My theatre school is just starting to bloom and I'm so happy. The dance class finally launched last week, it looked so much fun I actually had the urge to join in. Gemma is a wonderful dance teacher and everyone looked like they were having a fun time.
The adult drama is in full swing and they seem to love the play I'm writing for their Christmas productions, so it's great.
My Saturday classes are launching this weekend, and I'm excited. I'm offering this weekends launch class free as a special half term introduction offer - so hopefully we'll see loads of kids and teenagers walking through the door.
The theatre I'm using is so nice. They've made me feel very welcome and I've been trusted with keys and basically left to it when I'm there.

It's been running a month. I haven't broken even this month, but didn't expect to as I know it's something that takes time to grow. I'm hoping the company makes a profit at the end of next month.
It all goes back in to the business so we have money in the pot for productions, costumes... anything to do with the classes.
The aim is to have enough coming in to have our own building and I have huge plans for that... but that's way off.
I'm happy we're building slowly. Everyone who has come through the door for classes, taught the classes or just helped out have been wonderful and inspiring and I feel like we're becoming a little Characrer Creation family!
Here's our new and funky website.


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