Saturday, 31 October 2009

Live from my NEW OFFICE!

Woop - Woop!
I have been desperate for my own little office space for nearly two years. Writing with a laptop on my sofa is ok, but my back starts to hurt after a while and I have folders and notepads everywhere!
I still want to decorate the room and get a sofa for it... we'll see how funds are before Crimbo. It's something I'll do slowly, the main thing is I have a desk. (Finally!)

My cold is going! Feeling much better today, which is good as I'm working at the theatre tonight and don't want to be all snotty whilst talking to the theatre club members.

I need to tell you about last night.
I was so ill and snotty and felt horrible. I got ready for teaching and had to go and pay my monthly rent for the theatre space, so I had to go to town first. I had a huge bag of things for teaching as well as my mini laptop as I had a bit of time to myself when the dance class was on.

Anyway, town was busy, I felt ill and hot and couldn't cope with my bags. By the time I got on the bus to go to the theatre, I felt like killing someone. Honestly, everyone was getting in my way and I had a temprature and being ill and public transport do not mix!

My drama group arrived with enthusiasm about the class and the play and for the hour of teaching I actually forgot I was ill. It was so strange.
I love this group, they're just inspiring and fun.

We'd arranged to go to the bar next door for drinks after the class, so everyone could get to know each other a bit better. I said I'd just stay for one lemonade as I wasn't well.
We had such a lovely evening chatting, two lemonades later and I completely lost track of time.

There's something special about this group and I LOVE teaching them. I'm excited to be writing a play for them, which is on in a month and they're sooo excited.

So that's the secret to being ill, hang out with my drama class!


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