Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catching my Breath

Hi Guys,
Wow - I've been terrible at blogging this week, huge apologies.

I feel like last week all I did was rush and run around everywhere.
I started my new theatre job, which I LOVE and will talk about that more soon. Although this job is just going to be Saturday's, I had to go in for training etc and so I was there Monday and Thursday.
I'm starting properly there tomorrow night though and just can't wait. All is good.
The girl I'm sharing the job with is so nice. You know when you just click with someone straight away? Honestly, strangely feel she's going to be a good friend. We have writing in common and the theatre and after our training on Thurs we went out for a beer and a gossip.
I'm pleased I'll be sharing the job with someone I like. I've got a great feeling about this job. I'm just so happy about it.

I've been writing loads this week. Just getting my notepad and pen out every spare second I had, like the train station etc.
A GUY CALLED PIG is really coming on. Something switched inside me at the station on Tuesday and I re-wrote the opening for like the millionth time and it's gone a bit darker, but it feels so much better and feels right. I'm getting really excited about this book now.

My classes are going great. Some are slower than others to build, but that was expected.
The adult drama class are getting excited about their Christmas play. I'm writing a play especially for them called EXPOSURE! It's set in a photography camera club. I'll let you know what they think of the opening scenes on Friday!

I feel like I have loads more to tell you, but can't think at the moment. Last week was really busy and tiring, I didn't get a second to stop.
Roll on tomorrow, where it gets slightly more busy, I'm ready for it - just!


Kate said...

Hey Sally, glad to hear it is all going well and nice to see you back

Kate x

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Kate. I need to catch up on your blog so badly. I'll catch up properly tomorrow night. Can't wait x

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