Saturday, 31 October 2009

Live from my NEW OFFICE!

Woop - Woop!
I have been desperate for my own little office space for nearly two years. Writing with a laptop on my sofa is ok, but my back starts to hurt after a while and I have folders and notepads everywhere!
I still want to decorate the room and get a sofa for it... we'll see how funds are before Crimbo. It's something I'll do slowly, the main thing is I have a desk. (Finally!)

My cold is going! Feeling much better today, which is good as I'm working at the theatre tonight and don't want to be all snotty whilst talking to the theatre club members.

I need to tell you about last night.
I was so ill and snotty and felt horrible. I got ready for teaching and had to go and pay my monthly rent for the theatre space, so I had to go to town first. I had a huge bag of things for teaching as well as my mini laptop as I had a bit of time to myself when the dance class was on.

Anyway, town was busy, I felt ill and hot and couldn't cope with my bags. By the time I got on the bus to go to the theatre, I felt like killing someone. Honestly, everyone was getting in my way and I had a temprature and being ill and public transport do not mix!

My drama group arrived with enthusiasm about the class and the play and for the hour of teaching I actually forgot I was ill. It was so strange.
I love this group, they're just inspiring and fun.

We'd arranged to go to the bar next door for drinks after the class, so everyone could get to know each other a bit better. I said I'd just stay for one lemonade as I wasn't well.
We had such a lovely evening chatting, two lemonades later and I completely lost track of time.

There's something special about this group and I LOVE teaching them. I'm excited to be writing a play for them, which is on in a month and they're sooo excited.

So that's the secret to being ill, hang out with my drama class!

Friday, 30 October 2009


The play last night was RUBBISH. I didn't like it, I didn't get any of it. It was just pretentious and really not my cup of tea at all. I won't be horrible and tell you what it was!

I'm delighted to report that even though it had the same title as the play I'm writing with my friend Luke, it was nothing like ours. So we're keeping our title and plodding on with our play - phew.

It was lovely to catch up with Luke though. He's been on tour doing a kids play for ages and so we went for food, had some beers and he bought me a beer after the play to say sorry for dragging me out to a rubbish play! haha!

After that I went to meet Mr Sally at work, he was just finishing a get out, so beers with some of the crew were decided and although I felt really ill at that point, I was happy to have a few drinks with them.
I couldn't wait to get home to bed and a hot water bottle though. This morning I have woken up feeling sooo ill. Coughing and sneezing, urgh.

Mr Sally has looked after me this morning and made me egg and soldiers and I have no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself as I'm teaching tonight and really looking forward to it.

Hope everyone else is feeling well and not run down and ill like most people seem to be.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Inspiring Friends

Woke up feeling full of a cold today, which I'm just going to ignore as I'm too busy to be ill.

Two days until NaNoWriMo and I'm going to attend the Manchester launch party on Saturday, can't wait for that.
Also noticed there is a NaPlWriMo - for playwrights. So I've joined. Why not. I have a million and one writing projects on the go at the same time always, so it should be fun.
I'm hoping my desk will be in my new office by this weekend so I can sit and write properly.
My back really hurts from writing from my sofa, despite shoving a million cushions behind me.

Just had a lovely phone call off a friend of mine who is an ex-soap actress. She's not only really talented but she's so inspiring to be around.
Anyway, she's always loved writing and now that acting is slow she's joined forces with a drama school friend of hers and they're meeting every Monday night and writing, writing, writing.
I'm so pleased for her and I could hear the bubble of enthusiasm in her voice as she told me all about it.
I like people like this, ones that don't sit around moaning about the industry and how tough it is - they just get on with it and put the work in.
There's something comforting about having a circle of like-minded friends. Like a safety blanket of inspiration when things get tough.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Theatrical Spy

I have been working solidly all day today - I think a bubble bath is in order and I'm going to pick a book off my huge TBR pile.

I have a few deadlines to meet by Friday and yet, I'm out tomorrow night to the theatre to watch a play with my friend Luke.
We are writing a play together and it seems there is a play on with the exact same title and possibly a similar theme to us. So we're checking it out, like theatrical spy's!
I hope, hope, hope it's nothing like ours because I love our play so much.

It'll be nice to catch up with Luke too. He's been busy on a theatre tour for a while, so we're in need of a proper catch up.

I haven't had a treat or a theatre night out for a bit, and although money is tight at the moment - I've been working so hard, I figure one little trip to the theatre is allowed! Especially as it's research!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I have been flyering this today:I have met some nice people along the way and one very vicious dog.


Oh heck, I've just realised it's that time of year again.
Anyone else joining NaNoWriMo?

I join every year and fail. But as I'm just starting to work on A GUY CALLED PIG, thought this year it would give me extra reason to keep my bum to the seat and my fingers to the keyboard.

I need some writing buddies. Come and find me, my username is: sallylawton

Theatre School

I'm working from home this week and this makes me happy.
I've got so many writing deadlines this week, so I've got to crack on and get stuck in to them.

My theatre school is just starting to bloom and I'm so happy. The dance class finally launched last week, it looked so much fun I actually had the urge to join in. Gemma is a wonderful dance teacher and everyone looked like they were having a fun time.
The adult drama is in full swing and they seem to love the play I'm writing for their Christmas productions, so it's great.
My Saturday classes are launching this weekend, and I'm excited. I'm offering this weekends launch class free as a special half term introduction offer - so hopefully we'll see loads of kids and teenagers walking through the door.
The theatre I'm using is so nice. They've made me feel very welcome and I've been trusted with keys and basically left to it when I'm there.

It's been running a month. I haven't broken even this month, but didn't expect to as I know it's something that takes time to grow. I'm hoping the company makes a profit at the end of next month.
It all goes back in to the business so we have money in the pot for productions, costumes... anything to do with the classes.
The aim is to have enough coming in to have our own building and I have huge plans for that... but that's way off.
I'm happy we're building slowly. Everyone who has come through the door for classes, taught the classes or just helped out have been wonderful and inspiring and I feel like we're becoming a little Characrer Creation family!
Here's our new and funky website.

Monday, 26 October 2009


I'm still here... sorry for being totally rubbish.

It's been another chaotic week of work, teaching, writing and rushing.
I'll do a proper post tomorrow. But for now I'm going to watch a film with Mr Sally on his only night off for a bit!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Adult Drama Class

My first play for the adult drama class in my theatre school.
I'm so excited about this. We start rehearsals in class tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I have not really enjoyed my Tuesday. But anyway, I'm a positive person so I'll talk about lovely things!

Came home from work and Mr Sally had made from scratch a pie from his Jamie Oliver cookbook. Bless him, he slaved over it for three hours and it was GORGEOUS.

I started plotting my adult drama class' Christmas play today. The play is called EXPOSURE! It's set in a photography camera club (I think I've told you this already!) Anyway, whilst sat on my train today I planned the twists and turns. I'm very excited about this play. I want to write something the group will be proud of. Although they are beginners, I am treating this whole production as a professional production and I know they'll cope. It's very exciting.

Tomorrow I have to get up MEGA early. I have to get a train MEGA EARLY as I'm on a First Aid course. It's a good thing to learn, but I don't think I'll enjoy it. I don't like blood or the thought of saving someones life, it scares me! Hmm.
I shall let you know how I get on. I hope it's good and I'm not sat there thinking about all the work I could be doing back home. I've got so many projects on the go and not much money coming in at the moment because everyone seems to forget to pay me.
Oh yes, sorry - positive, positive, positive!

Niiiight! x

Monday, 19 October 2009

Running in Heels

Today I have to go to my after school club job then when that finishes I have half an hour to leave that job and rush to my theatre job. It's going to be chaotic, but I'm very excited about starting the theatre job.

I'll fill you in properly later.

My CRB check came through today, which is great. We only sent it off two weeks ago.

Logging off to do some writing. Have a good Monday x

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catching my Breath

Hi Guys,
Wow - I've been terrible at blogging this week, huge apologies.

I feel like last week all I did was rush and run around everywhere.
I started my new theatre job, which I LOVE and will talk about that more soon. Although this job is just going to be Saturday's, I had to go in for training etc and so I was there Monday and Thursday.
I'm starting properly there tomorrow night though and just can't wait. All is good.
The girl I'm sharing the job with is so nice. You know when you just click with someone straight away? Honestly, strangely feel she's going to be a good friend. We have writing in common and the theatre and after our training on Thurs we went out for a beer and a gossip.
I'm pleased I'll be sharing the job with someone I like. I've got a great feeling about this job. I'm just so happy about it.

I've been writing loads this week. Just getting my notepad and pen out every spare second I had, like the train station etc.
A GUY CALLED PIG is really coming on. Something switched inside me at the station on Tuesday and I re-wrote the opening for like the millionth time and it's gone a bit darker, but it feels so much better and feels right. I'm getting really excited about this book now.

My classes are going great. Some are slower than others to build, but that was expected.
The adult drama class are getting excited about their Christmas play. I'm writing a play especially for them called EXPOSURE! It's set in a photography camera club. I'll let you know what they think of the opening scenes on Friday!

I feel like I have loads more to tell you, but can't think at the moment. Last week was really busy and tiring, I didn't get a second to stop.
Roll on tomorrow, where it gets slightly more busy, I'm ready for it - just!

Master Class

At CCT we're excited to be launching our first ever fab Master Class.
The FABULOUS actor Paul Newbery has confirmed he'll be teaching the first one next Saturday October 24th.
If you want to know tips and advice on getting in to the industry and making it as a working actor, this is definitely the class for you.
Places are limited, so drop us an email at: if you want to join the class.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Sooo much to tell you all and I will fill you in on my amazing and busy week - probably tomorrow night when I get chance.
My week has been filled with a new job, theatre meetings, writing, day jobs and the list goes on.

Promise more soon x

Monday, 12 October 2009


Stephen Gately
I couldn't believe I was waking up to such sad and tragic news yesterday morning.
I was a huge fan of Boyzone in my teen years and always loved Stephen. I was lucky enough to meet him when I was sixteen and he was lovely and giggly.
I still can't believe this terrible news. My thoughts are with his family, friends, Boyzone and fans.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Character Creation Theatre

We launch our dance classes tonight at YARD Theatre, Hulme (finally!)

Dance (Adults) - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Drama (Adults) - 7:00pm - 8:00pm

All classes are £6

Just turn up if you want to join us tonight, or contact us for more details.


Thursday, 8 October 2009


I've just completed my first months trial at my play worker job :-)
Excellent. It's gone sooo fast, can't believe it's been a month.
Anyway, they seem to really like me and want to keep me on, which is great news. I've also been given a new role, involving working with the under 5s - which is great.
So all is good, oh and I start my new theatre job next week - can't wait for that either.

Gav moved yesterday :-( and the flat is really quiet without him. He's OK though and seems happy, so all is good.
I'm just waiting for landlord to move the bed out of the back room, so I can start painting my office! Eek. I will post before and after pics once it's done.

Right, got to crack on. Got my teaching to plan for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wet Week

It's been a chaotic week this week.
Gav is moving out today (sob, sob). I am going to miss him being around, but wish him all things happy.

Other news:
I'm SICK of commuting to and from work. I get a tram and then a train and fine they are only small journeys, but it's tiring me out so much.
Yesterday I though instead of getting the tram home, why don't I get the train as I'm at the station anyway.
I got off the train, it was PITCH black and I couldn't get my bearings. It was also THROWING IT DOWN.
I was lost, wet and miserable.
It added an extra hour on to my journey and I was soaking wet. I stomped home, mumbling how much I hated the kids who stole and burnt my car.

Anyway, Mr S is going to add me to his car insurance when his is up for a renewal next month, which should make things easier.

Yesterday I donated a load of teenage books to the kids club I work at. They went down so well and one little girl read all afternoon.
That was nice.

Right, loads to do before I head to the tram stop. Catch you all later x

Monday, 5 October 2009


Ooh, I'm enjoying getting to know my new characters for my teen book A GUY CALLED PIG.
I've spent all morning making sense out of all the notes I've been scribbling about them and the plot over the last couple of months.

I'm just playing about with two different openings. I like them both, but I'm just deciding on which one is the strongest.

Hmm, I think it's idea one.

Right, time to down pens and head to the day job.

I'll be pondering on the train...

Catching up with friends at the theatre tonight, really looking forward to it.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Writing - Writing - Writing

Working on my teen book A GUY CALLED PIG today.
I've taken on my agents advice and suggestions and I've also given myself a little break away from it - spent some time working with teenagers, reading lots of teen books, plotting, thinking, writing notes and now I feel ready to get stuck back in.

I feel better about the book already.

Can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Theatrical Stuff

**Theatrical Post Alert**

OK, so my Play Worker job got even better this week when I had to do an activity with them, and I was encouraged by my boss to do drama type things with the group.
Anyway, I decided to create a play with them and they all got involved - some wanting to have backstage creative roles, some wanting performing roles.
We started creating characters and a play, which they've given the title BAD GIRLS.
It was nice to see them enthusiastic and working together.

I also got offered the job at my favourite theatre. The Royal Exchange Theatre have employed me as a weekend host and I'm soooo excited. I love this theatre so much.

Lastly, my theatre school launched last night. I had to drag myself out of my sick bed and there was a hicup with the dance class as the teacher had lost her voice. The adult drama class launched and flippin' heck, what a lovely group. Really enthusiastic, friendly and willing to try. Everything you wish for when teaching. I'm going to really enjoy working with this group, it's going to be good.
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