Sunday, 27 September 2009


You know that scene in Annie where all the orphans are on their hands and knees scrubbing? Well that was me yesterday, except there were no orphans to help me...
My body is aching today. I painted one shelf as there wasn't enough paint for the other one! I un-cluttered my life, made little storage homes for things that were just hanging around the flat looking untidy.
I cleared out the wardrobe (HUGE job), and EVERYTHING has a place - hurrah.
Mr Sally did his dutiful manly job of putting my shelves up this morning before he went to work and they look great.
My landlord has text to say I can stay in the flat when Gav moves out and he'll take the bedroom stuff out of the room and bring me more shelves if I need any to make my office.
I am excited about having an office, but sad Gav won't be living here any more.
Right, I'm off to the shop for a paper and chocolate, then I've got a busy afternoon filming some comedy sketches.
My current office corner (please note The Office pic!) I was scared to put all the books on the shelf incase it fell off the wall, Mr Sally was deeply offended by this. Anyway, books on the shelf and it's still up!
My painted green shelf... it does match the earthy colours of my lounge really well! By putting my treasured pictures of my family up on this shelf, it's freed up the top of my bookshelf for more books!
PS: Do you like my frog clock? I used to collect frog things when I was younger, anything with a frog on it, I'd save and buy it! Madness. Anyway I got rid of all my frog things YEARS ago, but Mr Sally bought me this clock last week. I love it.


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