Monday, 28 September 2009


Because of video editing stuff last night and Mr Sally not finishing work until gone midnight, I went to bed late and exhausted. I overslept this morning, only by half an hour, but still - it's half an hour.
I just got in to the swing of writing and it was time to leave for work.
I thought I'd leave early and take my notepad so I could do some writing on the way.


My tram to town was late and then my train to work was mega late - leaving me stressed and panicky and unable to think about writing!
Tough shift today, lots of kids at the club and it was full on for three solid hours.
I'm glad to be home with a coffee.

Tonight, I'm hoping to do more video stuff - if I manage to stay awake :)


Kate said...

I hate trains! Total stress fest.

Good luck with the video stuff!

Kate xx

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