Monday, 21 September 2009


Just got back from another fab weekend in Wales. We drove back this morning and I had enough time for a coffee and unload the car before I headed to work.
Wales was great. Kite flying happened, lots of food, laughs, the boys went to the cinema and me and my mum drooled at Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

My mum also got 4 numbers on the lottery and she won a total of £101.
Being the beautiful human being she is, she gave £25 to me, Gav, Mr S and my dad. None of us wanted to take it, we all tried to give it her back, but she wanted to split it between us. None of us think it's fair she ends up with nothing. I even suggested if she really wanted us to all have some of it, to give us just £20 each and then she'd have the same, but no, she wouldn't take it.
She wants us all to have a little treat as we've all had a bit of a struggle with jobs and stuff. So, I'm going to buy her a gift and I treated myself to this today:

It's a green screen. I'm making some comedy sketches at the moment and creating a channel on YouTube, which I'll tell you all about soon.

Hope you've all had a great weekend and Monday, I'll catch up with your blogs tomorrow x


Kate said...

Aw thats really nice of your mum. Look forward to seeing the Green screen in the video when you post it.
Kate x

Barrie said...

What a generous mother! Glad you all had a fun weekend.

Janice Okoh said...

such a lovely mummy.

On a different note. Was it Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington you saw? If so, I listened to the radio play version a few weeks ago. it was wonderful!

Cheryl said...

Your mother sounds so sweet! If she'd kept any of it I'm sure she would have only bought something for the rest of you.

Really looking forward to that Youtube Channel!!

Sally Lawton said...

Ah, thanks for your nice messages guys. Yeah, she's the best mum ever!
I'll keep you posted on the channel. Loads of stuff going up next week, so I'll let you know.

JANICE: Yes,I went to see a very amateur version of Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington- it's a great play, the acting was terrible though and ruined it a little. But the writing was great.

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