Friday, 25 September 2009


I'm so pleased it's Friday. I've got so much to sort out this weekend.
Theatre classes are launching next week, so excited.
Filming sketches this weekend as well as promoting next weeks classes.

Got to sort the flat out too. De-junking the whole of my life. Bills are also coming in thick and fast, so need to sit down and organise them this weekend.

Gav has also decided to move back to Wales. He's given Manchester a year and it's not for him. He's given it a good go and it's been really tough for him, so I completely support his decision for wanting to move back to Wales. He's not moving to my mum and dad's though, he's going to share with a good friend.
It'll be strange not having him here, although we have our arguments as any brother and sister do, it's still been fun having him around.

So that leaves me with a two bed flat. I've been looking at one bed flats and actually for what I'm paying for a two bed is quite good. So, as I don't really want to move again until Mr Sally and I are ready to move in to our own house somewhere soon, I've decided to keep the flat and see if my landlord will let me take out the bed and stuff from his room and turn it in to an office for me.
I feel bad that I'm already making plans for his room, but he's moving next weekend and he thinks the office thing is a good idea.
It's going to be really strange him not being in that room though. I'll get used to it I suppose.

Ooh, my green screen has just arrived in the post! In fab time for filming this weekend.
Can't wait. I'm so excited.


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