Saturday, 5 September 2009

Air Bear

Anyone reading my blog over the summer may have realised the Lawton family have a bit of a thing for kites. Well my dad does anyway.
He has 25 kites in total, everything from stunt kites to regular diamond shaped kites. Mr Sally has enjoyed being part of the kite flying team over the summer too.
Anyway, we bought my dad this kite last week and it's just arrived for him. He's sooo excited.

This is AIR BEAR:
Not just a kite but a whole new game! Fly Air Bear as a kite for as long as you want - then slacken the line and he will release and come down like a parachute. Who can catch him first!

We were hoping he would have arrived last week when we were there, but never mind. I can't wait to see him in action.
Air Bear is from here - in my dad's opinion, the best kite company EVER.


Barrie said...

THAT is an amazing kite!

Sally Lawton said...

I know, I really can't wait to fly it. I'll post pictures when I do! x

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