Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well, I did my first ever salsa dance class at my gym this week.

I've not done a dance class since my uni days and it nearly killed me. By the end I was purple. We learnt loads of steps and made them in to a routine. We did the routine a few times and applauded ourselves, then our teacher said. 'Shall we do it one more time before you go?'

My head was shouting,'NOOOOOOOOO!' But my face was nodding and saying, 'Yes, absolutely - I'd like nothing more.'

I left the class a deep shade of purple, sweating buckets... Mr Sally was waiting for me in the gym and laughed when he saw me. I drank all his water, went to the changing rooms, put my swimming costume on and jumped in to the pool. You could actually hear the water sizzle when I got in!

Anyway, to sum it up. I really enjoyed the class, I feel much better for doing it, I'm enjoying dancing again - so I'll definitely be going back.
Ground Breaking Gym News:
I may be having a go on one of those machine things the gym seems to have plenty of. Hmm, yes - I think I need to do something other than swimming, so I'm going to have a go.
I shall report back - that's if I make it back in one piece!


Barrie said...

I've gotten really used to the elliptical. Is that one of the machines at your gym?

Cheryl said...

I love dancing! Salsa, swing, tango, etc. It's like a grown up way to play, no need to be good at it, just be willing to go along.

James Martin said...


Once you learn the basics and get more comfortable at the Salsa club, you can take some advanced classes and learn more elaborate footwork. Then you'll really be able to show off your dancing skills when you want to show others.

Sally Lawton said...

Ooh, Barrie - I'll definitely look out for the elliptical - I'll let you know if I find it, it sounds scary!

Hi Cheryl, grown up way to play is a lovely way to look at it :-)

Hi James, I'm getting there with the basic steps, so hopefully I'll be able to do some elaborate footwork soon, we'll see!


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