Saturday, 22 August 2009


Our mini break at my mum and dads is over tomorrow - we're off home :(
It's been lovely. The first week we had extended family over, so we spent the week with them.
This week we've been to castles, seasides, woodlands... everywhere. Kites have been flown, ice creams eaten... Spending time with my lovely parents has been fab and cuddles from my cats has been lovely too. I'll be so sad to leave.

Some things I bought whilst here:

- A tripod for my camera. (Ooh, it's a good one. Big and sturdy!)
- 6 books (My TBR pile is getting HUGE).
- A teapot (I love drinking tea and have wanted a teapot for ages. Mr Sally bought me a red teapot with white dots yesterday and a matching tea cup!)
- A case (I need to take a pic of this to show you how wonderful it is. It's a case, with theatrical things all over it. I have no real need for it. Mr Sally asked what I'd put in it before he bought it me. I quickly thought and said... 'Well, I've been looking for something to keep all my theatre programmes in!' It's gorgeous.

We also had a film night every night at my mum and dads. We've watched all the Lord of the Rings. OMG - I know I'm like a million years behind, but they're fantastic films. I'll have to buy them now - oh and now I seem to have a renewed love for Orlando Bloom.

I have done no writing and no reading whilst I've been here. So I'm ready to get back in to it as I've got loads to do.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the summer and I'm looking forward to catching up with blogs next week.

PS: Ooh, wasn't X-Factor good tonight? I'm so pleased it's back. Daniel to win so far me thinks!


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