Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday Stuff

Oh my goodness... I bought the copy of Fat Pig today, sat in Waterstones with a coffee, started reading and didn't stop until I read it all.

What a fabulous play. Not the ending I was expecting, which is good. The play makes you laugh, but really think. I loved it.

Tomorrow I'm buying some Alan Aykbourn plays.

I'm trying to read and watch at least one play a week, if possible.

Jumble is coming along. I'm on scene three already. I'm taking myself off to town every morning and sitting in either the library or Starbucks and working until 5:30pm, it's really working. I get too distracted if I'm at home.

I have also been to the gym today, I swam loads - so feeling rather good and refreshed.
Happy Monday!



Cheryl said...

I work better in cafes (or bookstores with cafes), too. Somehow all the activity, or white noise, all around me makes it easier to focus. The caffeine too :-).

Sally Lawton said...

It's great isn't it?! I love people watching. I agree the noise and activity around makes it easier to focus.
I'm drinking way too much coffee too! :-)


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