Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hot Pants Girl

So, I go to my gym today ready for my salsa dance class. I'm getting ready and I'm already hot and flustered from rushing to get there.

Then this girl appears in the changing room and she's soooo tall and has legs up to her eyelashes. She's obviously aware that she is soooo toned and flippin' perfect. Anyway, her choice of gym wear is HOT PANTS! WTF? She looked perfect in them though. Grrr. My navy tracky bottoms looked hideous in comparison.

So with new determination to get my body to be like the long legged girl's, I rush to my salsa dance class - not glancing in the mirror as I do because I don't look like the hot pants girl!

Anyway, it seems I'm the only one who wants to look like the hot pants girl as I'm the only one who turns up for the class... so they cancel it. Nooooo!
I try my best in the gym and go on a machine instead. Mr Sally sets me up on a running machine and he asks me how many calories I hope to burn. 'Err, one hundred?'
He types in my chosen number and off I go running. Two minutes later I'm STILL RUNNING. OMG - it's the most boring thing in the whole world. I can't run, drink water, change a track on the ipod at the same time... how do people do it?!
So I get to twenty four calories and switch the stop button. Well, twenty four is a good start. I try an exercise bike, but that's just as boring. So I go for a swim and then we go home.

What a waste of time, I hope the class is on next week.


Janice Okoh said...

I too find the gym really boring. I think it's because you don't go anywhere.

Sally Lawton said...

YES! Janice, you've summed it up. You don't go anywhere. You're so right x

Keegan said...

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