Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Chin Wag Tuesday

Another busy, day in the life of me!

I had four hours of freelancing to do today - which went surprisingly quickly. Then I rushed off to meet my lovely friend Paul Newbery for coffee, cake and a chin wag! It was lovely catching up. He's such a lovely, supportive friend - I always love catching up with him.

I've been to the gym today - no sign of the weirdo from last week - thank goodness, but the week is still young!
Oh, and tomorrow I'm actually going to do the salsa aerobics class I've been meaning to do since I joined almost a month ago. I'm a bit nervous of joining a new class on my own, but hopefully it will be good. OMG - what should I wear? What should I wear? Crisis alert.
I need to go and raid my wardrobe - bye!

PS: I read A Chorus Of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn today - it's FABULOUS. Now one of my favourite plays.


paul said...

haha can't stop giggling at the gym monster..i love my new book,you're gonna get me addicted to reading again.
Thanks for delicious coffee,i had to blame someone x
bet you love the salsa!

Paul x

Sally Lawton said...

Glad you're going to get addicted to reading again!! Can't wait to swap books with you!

It was lovely to have coffee and cake, let's do it again soon.

PS: I loved the salsa - even if it nearly killed me :-)


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