Sunday, 23 August 2009


My new writers teapot and mug! I love it!

We're home.
Ahh, very sad to leave today - but we're back in rainy Manchester and I'm ready for the week ahead, I've got LOADS of work to do.

Ooh, one more fun thing I bought on my break -

The theatre case Mr Sally bought me. I fell in love with it when we stumbled upon it in a little gift shop. 'What will you use it for?' Mr Sally asked.
'Err...' I thought quickly, not wanting to let it go. 'I've been looking for somewhere to store all my theatre programmes and bits and bobs.'


Paul N said...

I love it.
You'll be like Rose Vibert from Aspects of Love with that case running around,if it wasn't pink i'd steal it hehe

Sally Lawton said...

Hahaha! Yes, I want to be Rose Vilbert xx

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