Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I met the lovely Paul Newbery for a coffee and a gossip today. He'd just come from an audition, he's always doing something, very pro active and inspiring to be around. I'm going to treat him to something from the Chocolate Cafe I've just discovered next time I see him.

Then I rushed to meet my friend Luke - who I'm co-writing a new play with. It was such a productive couple of hours, we were doing lots of character, plot, story work. We've gone through lots of ideas and themes and questioned everything we thought was good and now, well now I think we have the start of something really good and it already feels quite special. We're actually going to start writing it properly next week and I absolutely can't wait.

Keep you posted.


Barrie said...

You're pretty inspiring too!

Sally Lawton said...

Thank you Barrie, you're so lovely x

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