Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We Did It!

WIFE OF BRIAN opened last night and oh my goodness, what a week it's been.
There have been tears, tantrums - you name it, I've had to deal with it. There was a moment on the weekend where I actually couldn't believe we were so close to opening and just couldn't see it happening.


The good news is, we pulled together on the eleventh hour and worked our socks off to be ready for last night.
The set is brilliant, the staff at the theatre are absolutely fantastic and made everything so lovely and easy for us.

And the audience really seemed to love it. I've had some fab feedback so far and I'm really relieved.
Mr Sally handed me a 'mag bag' from Paperchase after the show and inside it was filled full of Alan Bennett plays - what a lovely gift.

We've got to do it all again tonight and I can't wait to get to the theatre, honestly I can't :)

I shall post pics and more stuff later this week when my life slowly starts to get back to normal.

Thanks for your support, really appreciate it.
Ooh, for pics and things you can go to the website here.


liz fenwick said...

thrilled to hear it went well!

Janice Okoh said...

well done!

Cheryl said...

I knew it would all go wonderfully (if not easily)! I knew it! well done and good for you!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks guys... phew!

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